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Natural Barriers to Prevent Viruses

Updated: Feb 12

Quick Story Time:

Nostradamus was born in France in 1503. He studied medicine and became a physician, treating plague victims throughout France and Italy. There was no known remedy at the time; most doctors relied on potions made of mercury, the practice of bloodletting, and dressing patients in garlic soaked robes.

Nostradamus had developed some very progressive methods for dealing with the plague. He didn't bleed his patients, instead practicing effective hygiene and encouraging the removal of the infected corpses from city streets. He became known for creating a "rose pill," an herbal lozenge made of rosehips (rich in natures Vitamin C) that provided some relief for patients with mild cases of the plague. His cure rate was impressive, though much can be attributed to keeping his patients clean, administering low-fat diets, and providing plenty of fresh air. We have much to learn from history.

There are a few common sense measures to take in effort to stay well and healthy:

1. Practice good hygiene - Washing hands with warm water and soap - clean surfaces you normally don't clean - your phone, door knobs, ext.. (MAKE YOUR OWN SANITZER) (bought typically is HEAVY in pesticides and is causing allergic reactions) Blog will be posted soon, use search bar.

2. Avoid touching face, eyes, nose

3. Rinsing methods - keeping hydrated (virus can literally slide off your body if you are hydrated), Nasal lavage, garage with warm salt water, brushing teeth, drinking hot tea,

4. Sleep

5. Keep you aura flowing with time in nature ( I love sitting against a tree and playing a youtube meditation)

6. Get exercise - your body thrives with the demand of appropriate regular exercise.

7. Proper whole foods and probiotics (kefir, kimchi) good bacteria!

Here are some Supportive Supplements:

Cod liver oil (A and D)

Calcium Lactate - reduction of fever - cataplex D and F to absorb Calium

Cataplex C

Congaplex or immuplex

Echinacea - long term not acute






Standard Process Products for increased immune support: Good: Immuplex 6/day and/or Vegetarian Epimune Complex 2/day

Better Add: Echinacea Premium 2/day - Only use Echinacea with High Alkalamide content

Immune Enhancement during Acute (when infected) Stages and to have at home to take at the first sign of a problem:

Good: Congaplex - Up to 2 capsules/hour

Better Add: Andrographis Complex - Up to 2 tablets every 3 hours

This the real natural barrier.

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