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The body possesses an innate ability to heal, repair, and maintain itself, a design inherent from birth. When ailments arise, regardless of their names, it becomes crucial to uncover the root causes behind their development. This marks the stark difference between a HEALTH expert and a SICKNESS model expert. Let's draw an analogy to illustrate this point, likening your body to a car.

Imagine one day you notice a tire going flat on your car. Seeking advice from a "tire expert," you have more air added to the tire, which temporarily resolves the issue. However, within a couple of days, the tire is flat again. The "tire expert" continues to recommend adding air, but the tire deflates more rapidly, accompanied by other emerging problems. The need for air becomes increasingly frequent, perhaps even daily or multiple times a day. A discerning individual would naturally want to understand why the tire keeps going flat and address the underlying issue instead of continually adding air. The tire isn't losing air due to a lack of it; something else, like a nail, is causing the persistent problem. Simply adding air does not fix the root issue behind the flat tire, much like taking drugs to alleviate pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, indigestion, or other symptoms doesn't address the primary cause.

If you find yourself requiring more and more medication to manage your symptoms, it's a clear indicator of worsening health. In fact, if the drugs were truly effective, they would only be necessary for a day or two. If you continue encountering metaphorical "nails in your tires" or persistent symptoms, it's far wiser to consult with someone genuinely dedicated to your well-being, someone who will diligently investigate and uncover the true origins of your problems. This way, your symptoms can often resolve without the need for medication.

A healthy body relies on several fundamental components to maintain its well-being:

Optimal nutrients (tools)
The body requires the right nutrients to heal, repair, and maintain all systems efficiently, just as a car needs quality components to run smoothly.

Identification and reduction of stressors
Similar to how you need to take your car to the car wash you need to identify and minimizing exposure to toxic elements, environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and other stressors is essential to prevent interference with repair processes.

Subconscious energy work (oil change)
Clearing out the accumulated "junk" from daily life, analogous to changing the oil in a car, is vital. Subconscious energy work helps in maintaining a healthy mental and emotional state by addressing and releasing accumulated stress and tension. Old energy can reek havoc on our joints and organs causing disease.

Chiropractic alignment (tire alignment)
Just as your car's tires require proper alignment to prevent premature wear, your body's joints also benefit from chiropractic alignment. This alignment ensures that your joints function optimally and helps prevent early joint deterioration and conditions like arthritis.

In cases of crisis, injury, or prolonged neglect, medical care and medications might be needed, but these should be temporary measures if one aspires to attain true health. Healthy individuals typically require no medications.

Comprehensive testing is the key to unveiling the true state of the body, as many diseases and conditions manifest in blood, hair, and urine long before noticeable symptoms emerge. In fact, symptoms might not be evident till end stage conditions have developed. You can be relatively symptom free and have only 20% of your liver, kidney and pancreatic function left. Are you balancing on the edge of survival? Are you joints aligned? Get Routine annual testing done to help detect potential issues on the horizon, providing you with real preventive healthcare.

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