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The First Step Toward Relief

Many seek my help for pain, discomfort, or emotional stagnation. In the initial phase, the focus is on symptom reduction, sometimes requiring weekly appointments.

It's a common misconception that not feeling pain or having no symptoms equates to being healthy. In reality, symptoms do not serve as a adequate gauge of one's overall health & well-being. More often than not, pain and various symptoms only manifest once a disease or underlying problem has reached an advanced stage.

To illustrate, ponder the presence of a cavity in your tooth. Does it cause pain during its initial development or only once it has progressed significantly? What about heart disease? Be it cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress-related issues, or spinal concerns, pain typically emerges as the final indicator. When you embark on care with me, the disappearance of pain is often the first sign of progress, even though much of the underlying condition may still require attention.

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