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A New Way to Thrive:
Functional Microbiome Testing

What if there was A way to unite the power of healing with the rigor of science to address our most pressing health conditions? 


Test Details:

 Microbiome Labs
Sample Type: Stool
Collection Location: At Home



Functional Microbiome testing is not just measuring all the different types of bacteria in your gut; it is telling you how well your bacteria is performing, and what they are producing. In a nutshell, functional microbiome testing is a video of how well your digestive system is performing, while all other microbiome tests are just a screenshot. Would a picture of your gut or a video of your gut give you the whole truth on your gut's performance?

(this "video" is in data form, and shows how well the genes in your gut cells are functioning)

stool test kit

Did you know that the gut has more nerve cells than the spinal cord and brain?

Serotonin is the happy, peaceful, and the "emotionally calm" hormone. 90% of your serotonin is made by a healthy gut. Fix your gut health to help improve your mood and intuition.


Benefits of stool testing:

More Energy

Get rid of bloating

Deeper Access to ones intuition

Better Sleep

Improved Mood

Better Digestion

Immune system repair

Increase Metabolism

Lower Disease Risk

How it works:

Pick up a test from our office or get it shipped directly to you. Check out the collection instructions here at top of page. Once your stool sample has arrived at Microbiome labs, it will take 2 weeks to get your results into the hands of your practioner. From this point your pracitioner will meet with a Microbiome Scientist & Doctor who will review your results with your practioner. There is a team of Doctors on your side, to work together to improve your health. You will get a copy of the report after we meet.

Here is a sample of the report: 

Does your poop look like this?

check stool

We should fix that too!

Heal Your Body, Free Your Mind.

Book a FREE consult to order a test kit.


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