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Patient Instructions

Key Details 

  • No special preparation is needed.

  • Keep your sample at room temperature until shipping. 

  • Ship your sample via USPS within 14 days of collection.

Preparation & Timing

  • No special preparation is needed.

Collection Instructions

  1. Complete the online test registration.

    1. You can find instructions on how to complete the registration HERE.

  2. Complete the consent form.

    1. This consent form will be emailed to you from Microbiome. Please complete this form so that your sample can be processed at the laboratory. Failure to complete this consent form may result in delayed results or a recollection.

  3. Open the Feces Catcher following the directions on the package. 

  4. Adhere the Feces Catcher to the toilet seat. 


    1. The Feces Catcher will go around/over the toilet seat.

    2. Ensure the Feces Catcher does not touch the water. 

    3. Tip: It may be helpful to put plastic wrap loosely over the toilet before placing the Feces Catcher on the toilet seat. This will help prevent the Catcher or your stool from getting in the water.

  5. Collect your stool in the Feces Catcher.

  6. Remove the purple top of the collection tube. 

    1. DO NOT touch or discard the liquid in the tube.

    2. DO NOT remove the yellow tube top.

  7. Use the spatula to remove a small amount of stool.

  8. Transfer the stool to the top portion of the yellow tube top.

    1. DO NOT push the stool into the tube.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until the stool fills the yellow tube top.

  10. Use the spatula to scrape horizontally across the yellow tube top. This will level the stool sample and remove any excess.

  11. Screw the purple tube top onto the yellow tube top tightly. 

  12. Clean off any stool that may have gotten on the outside of the tube. 

  13. Shake the sealed tube for a minimum of 30 seconds.

  14. If large particles remain, continue shaking until they have disappeared. 

  15. Place the spatula back in its packaging and discard.

  16. Loosen the Feces Catcher on both ends. 

  17. Press the ends of the Feces Catcher together. 

  18. Drop the Feces Catcher in the toilet. 

  19. Once the paper is soft, flush the Feces Catcher and the remaining stool. 

  20. Prepare your sample for shipping. 

    1. Place the collection tube into the plastic zip-lock bag.

    2. Place the plastic zip-lock bag into the biohazard bag.

    3. Place the biohazard bag into the return envelope. 

  21. Take a picture of your 14-digit sample ID (on the sample collection tube).

Requisition & Payment

  • Your kit has been prepaid. You DO NOT need to pay anything extra.

  • You must register your test online. Instructions on how to register your test can be found HERE.

  • Take a picture of your 14-digit sample ID (on the sample collection tube).


  • Ship your sample within 14 days of collection. 

  • To prepare your sample for shipping, 

    • Place the collection tube into the plastic zip-lock bag.

    • Seal the bag.

    • Place the plastic zip-lock bag into the biohazard bag. 

    • Seal the bag.

    • Place the biohazard bag into the provided return envelope. 

    • Seal the return envelope. 

  • Make a note of the tracking number on the return envelope so that you can track your sample back to the lab. 

  • Take your sample to the nearest USPS office to ship.


  • Results should be released to your provider 14 business days after the sample is received at the lab. We cannot guarantee processing time. 

  • Your provider will notify you when your results are in and schedule a follow-up appointment for you to review them together.

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 stool test collection 2
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For general questions, email For test-specific questions, contact Mosaic Diagnostics by calling 1-800-288-0383 or emailing

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