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"Functional nutrition is about eating with purpose, not restriction." 

Zinc Test

An easy taste test to see if you deficient in zinc. 90% of people are!!! Symptoms include: 

1. Weak Immune System
2. Skin problems, white nail lines
3. Hair Loss
4. Impared growth of any kind
6. Gastrointenstinal Issues
7. Eye & Vision Problems
8. Mood & Personailty Changes
9. Infertility


Body Fat Percentage

"Measuring body fat percentage is like using a compass on your health journey, helping you navigate toward better choices and a clearer path to well-being."


Nutritional Muscle Testing

Did you know that tender points on you body show where an organ can be upset? These are Chapman Reflexes and drain lymph from the organs. We call this Functional Reflex Testing. Just know we are testing the breakers in your electrical panel.


Blood Work Wellness Analysis

Bring in your blood test results for a wellness evaluation and 2nd opinion! If you do not have recent bloodwork (within 6 months) we will provide a requisition for blood work for $150 which will include an extended Thyroid Panel, CBC, Metabolic Panel, Urinalysis and complete Lipid panel to be completed at Lab Corp.​

Food Sensitivity Testing

" Bloated? Check Food Intolerance to over 190 foods with one prick of blood"


Omega Index Testing 

"Healthy fats are not just good for your body; they're essential for nourishing your mind, protecting your heart, and fueling the vitality in your cells."


Microbiome Gut Testing

Bloated? A precise diagnostic tool, unraveling the secrets of the gastrointestinal microbiome, paving the way for personalized healthcare."


Magnesium Testing

Easy Test Strip placed on the tounge in office! 80% of people are defiencient. Symptoms include: 

  1. Muscle Weakness, Cramps, Spasms

  2. Trouble Sleeping, Fatigue, Headaches

  3. Stress Responses Heightened

  4. Dry Eyes, Numbeness, & Tingling

  5. Constipation

  6. High Blood Pressure

  7. Nausea & Vomitting

  8. Mood & Personality Changes

  9. Skipped Heart Beats

Telehealth & In-Person appointments

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