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How to Find Health During the Summer

Updated: Feb 12

"Charging the internal battery with solar power"

June 21st- September 21st

Summer is nature’s season of growth and maturation. Flowers and fruits are growing tall. We are equally growing in maturity: physically & emotionally. This is the highest energy point out of all the seasons. We should make sure to get adequate activity and recreation time to align with the potent solar energy that is peaking. There are a lot of changes going on right now, and our bodies are mirroring the same energy. The lesson of summer in terms of health is that we must stay in motion to continually nourish ourselves. Tension will happen if we resist movement during the summer. If we fall ill or get into pain during this season, it is usually because we are meant to become more open to change on any level: physically, chemically, or emotionally.


The fire element of summer rules the 2 organs: the heart and the small intestine. This is a time to recognize that any cold areas in our body are in need of heat during this time. The fire in our bodies shows us that circulation and heating are important to the overall health and harmony of our bodies. The heart requires heat for circulation to the limbs and the intestine requires fire for the breakdown of foods. Tips for Heart Health: 1. Omega 3 Index testing 2. Avoid Sugars and high processed foods, and excess caffeine 3. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits

GOOD HERBS FOR SUMMER (to aid in movement): Cayenne pepper, any peppers, ginger, ginseng, hot greens (mustard, watercress, cauliflower, cabbage) If you have been craving these foods or finding them extra delicious your intuition is working well!


During this time you may fall into emotional unease if you stay inside and shy away from life, if you are too afraid to let yourself “play” and succumb to taking life too seriously. You could also fall into emotional imbalance if you overeat, it is a time to move your body and to eat lightly. It is a time to have fun, sweat it out, sit at the beach, eat lightly, and to move vigorously.


Summer really forces everything to build heat and momentum. This is the time to really exude the best versions of yourselves. Our physical body wants to do the same. Come visit my weekly yoga classes where we will focus on building heat in the core, all while supporting the hips, ankles, and knees.

Thank you for the sacredness in the exchange,

Dr. Rebecca

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