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Meditating in Nature


Unleash Your Body's Potential to Experience Health & Serenity

True Health Triad

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Connecting Physical Wellness, Emotional Harmony, and Nutritional Balance for Potent Healing Effects.



Experience relief through deep tissue work and gentle adjustments paired with deep breathing.

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Posture Correction
Arthritis-related pain
Shoulder pain
Athletic & Yoga Performance
Somatic Restoriation after Traumatic Accidents
Nerve Pain
Sleep Apnea



90% of the population lacks essential nutrients, affecting mood, energy, and pain levels. 

Menstrual Cycle Re-balancing
Digestion Issues
High Blood Pressure
Auto-immune Disorders
Hormonal Disruptions
Eating Disorders
Inflammatory Bowel Disorders
Chronic Conditions
Smoking Cessation


Emotion code

Your body expresses symptoms with what your mind supresses. 

Release intuition blocks
Complex Trauma Restoration
Money Blockages
Addictive tendencies
Generational Karma
Past Life Release
Heart - Wall Removal
Chakra re-balancing
Relationship karma
Panic Relief
Anxiety & Depression

Meet Dr. Rebecca

Re-balance your body in this unique, unrivaled doctor's visit. Choose individual services or experience our all-in-one package.

easy bodywork with joy

Jole M

"I have tried everything, but for some reason this just worked. IT IS MAGIC! Before, I felt like I was hitting up against a wall every move forward.  After 3 sessions, I was able to put one foot in front of the other, effortlessly. I now live each moment to the fullest because I have untethered myself from the past.  There is a new sense of divinity watching over me. I feel safe and protected.  I highly recommend this service. It is worth every penny!"


Michelle W

Dr. Rebecca is the real deal! She told me there was an imbalance in my right upper tooth. I didn't think much of it, but then, unbelievably, within the next 2 hours, my tooth cracked right off! I needed to rush into the dentist to get a cap. She catches issues before they arise for my entire family now.  I feel better after each session.


Saska K


She helped me substantially after being diagnosed with Lupus which flared up sending me into full-on kidney failure. She cleared energy in certain areas and I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference - I’d never experienced healing work with such direct and immediate results like that before. She gave recommendations to eat blueberries and a few other things. Such a gifted healer - highly recommended - don’t hesitate in contacting her… five stars all around.


Marilyn C

You are a god sent woman! Such a blessing to all. I was suffering with horrendous COVID-19 symptoms and with 1 whiff of Myrrh oil, my lungs opened right up. Thank you beyond measure. I really love how you are pulling things all together into one artistic healing package! 

Online or in-person

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