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Philosophy behind chiropractic

Updated: Feb 12

Red Rock National Park, Nevada

The philosophy behind my care is based upon nature. The only physical and tangible scientific experiment that provides untainted evidence without any bias is found in the undisturbed settlements of nature. Just watch the miraculous growth of the undisturbed, the balanced.

I believe in those things that have been untouched by egoic thoughts and manipulated energy. Let it flow, divine one, and let the animal half of you come into balance with the divine.

The basic fundamentals in healing are based upon releasing the old and balancing out the new.

When did your body decide to stop growing? Aka when did you body stop healing? Were the roots of your tree uplifted too soon? 🌴You started a sport before the scar on your foot was repaired? Your connected to nature. Did a fungus attach to your leaves and now the flowers are wilting? 🦠 An actual fungus in the stomach can slow brain function and make you foggy. You are connected to nature. Have you been watering one side of your hibiscus plant and now the other half stopped growing? 🌺You having been listening to your emotions or being creative with the waters in one area of your life which doesnt allow you to purify your thoughts and purge old beliefs. You are connected with nature.

Did you forget how connected we really are? We depend on the oxygen given to us by plants, and they depend on our carbon dioxide. What makea you think this connectedness isn't also involved within your own body? There is interconnectedness between your knee and your low back. There is interconnectedness to the time you spend Journaling and the stress you hold in your neck. There is connectedness between your traumas and how you process food inside your gut.

Allow yourself to heal. Allow the cells to proliferate and migrate with the help of sun, just like a plant body you are currently housed in.

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Philosophy behind chiropractic

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