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Feeling good about yourself


Feeling good about yourself comes from speaking good: about yourself and others. Using your power towards good, makes you feel good. There is power in speech. Once you say yes to something, by speaking of it, the word becomes contagious: it births life. The affirmation itself knows no limit. The vibration bursts free from your mouth and in that moment your truth will become real and a cascade of events will happen to acknowledge and reaffirm that truth. To say yes to one instant, says yes to a chain of reactions that come from that instant.

The power you create in every moment is real. You have the power to make it

a better one, a good one. By not accepting

the negative speech and speaking positive.


Whenever potent negativity is presented to me, I found that leaving space lets all the pieces of the problem to fall into place naturally. It's a form of respect to the natural order, not ignoring. You have to come from a space of power, and not be holding onto victim mentalism to do this. If you do not realize your power, you will be the victim in the situation if you do ignore. You find how true power works only after being a victim.

Engagement with the negative encourages its growth. Space allows processing to find peace. And side note you sometimes need to fight back. Pick your battles wisely. This is not toxic positivity. "Toxic Positivity" is being incongruent with the inside feeling and showing something else on the outside. Show up you, leave knowing you left a little extra peace and love on the way out. The world is better because of you. Power.

Red Rock Canyon National Park - Nevada

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