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Movement as Medicine - DIY

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

If you wake up in the morning and you feel discomfort: Get up, heat your body in the shower, and start moving parts of your body. You can move in either the place where it hurts or the body parts around that area. (ex: Neck hurts, try moving your shoulders) Follow your own flow and feelings. Never feeling too much or too little; find the just right. Along with the movements, meditate, and analyze your thoughts behind the pain. Above all don't feel inhibited, do this alone, breathe deep, and move randomly. The point is don't get stuck in your pain.

Things to analyze in your mind while moving your body are: What is your story about the pain you are feeling? How did the pain arrive? What makes it worse or better? And are these stories based off of fear? What things can I say to myself to help alleviate those fears and turn them into self love and trust? Turn pain into power. As a chiropractor one of the biggest problems I see is the disbelief in the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

Yes, we can get stuck in this story we created and this makes physical attachments to the pain that was suppose to be let go! The mind and body are all connected, and the body can self-heal therefore we have to look into the mind to also fix the body. If we hold onto fear we are vulnerable and weak because we don't trust ourselves, resulting in this anticipation that your brain wraps around and manifests the the pain that doesn't need to be there!

You have to believe in your own heart and trust the regular mechanics of the body. Your body wants to work for you. If you anticipate pain you are going to experience it. My best advice is to figure out what makes you feel better do more of that and above all else don't anticipate that the pain is coming or that is never going away.

Stop telling yourself those negative Nancy stories because hey maybe we are limitless, maybe we can do anything; be curious. So sit down, move around, shift your body, and shift your attitude. Work with your mind don't let it control you. At the end of the day you have to love the parts of you that need it the most.

Finally, if you need proof the body can heal itself. Think of the last time your paper-cut scabbed over and vanished. Or think about how babies are grown: the process that pushes the blossoming is unknown. Yes, your body does amazing things, stop downplaying the power.


Now if you are an athlete and you are in pain. You are going to have to incorporate more YIN movements into your routine because somewhere in your kinetic chain something is imbalanced. The full expansion and contraction of your movements to the fullest extent will reset you body to new energy tracts and the relief of pain. Just believe.

Peace and Love,

Dr. Becky

P.S. It's always a good idea to seek help from a holistic professional

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