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The Science of Nutmeg in Fall

Updated: Feb 12

We welcomed in Fall on the 22nd of September. Statistically, fall is everyone's favorite season and we can understand why: all the cozy flavors we enjoy at home mixed with a freshness in the air speaking of new beginnings. Yes, during fall we start to see the old "fall" away and a new self emerge, like the leaves that are falling off the trees. This season is asking for us to have some good old "self-empowerment". For us to be even more self-empowered we are asked to "power" our new-self that is emerging by releasing old mindsets that we don't need anymore and step into the new thoughts and feelings we aim live by in our next chapter of life. Time to start writing our next chapter in your book of life!

Here is where it gets good. Right on September 22nd, every single one of my clients started testing for NUTMEG. It was a necessary herb needed for their system during this time-frame. I was shocked, when I realized it was pumpkin spice latte and warm cozy chili season, where there is predominate nutmeg in all of our foods. Let's not forget about all the thanksgiving goodness too!

There are very good reasons for why NUTMEG is best spice to use during fall, it comes down to the chemistry of the spice, which ties together the emotional benefits and physical benefits.

Nutmeg predominately is made up of the compound called Sabinene. Sabinene is a mix of carrot oil and black pepper oil. Makes sense if you think about what nutmeg tastes like. A mix of orange and black frequencies is contained within nutmeg.

Orange is the more emotional component and black is the more chemistry oriented component.

Orange frequency rules the sacral chakra and our personal satisfaction in relationships. The new self is emerging to promote harmony in relationships. New emotions are welcomed and old emotions are expelled. Whatever negative feelings you experience are just a detox symptoms, you gained awareness of a feeling you have been feeling for a long time! Don't be hard on yourself let messy emotions process out, at the end you will increase your vibration and let go of heavy weight.

Black frequency is all of the light encompassed into one. Therefore we focus on the chemical properties of the component. Pepper is known to open up everything in the body, just like when you sniff black pepper too quickly it will open up the capillaries in your nose and make you sneeze. Pepper allows you to open up to new nutritional components inside your body so you can better absorb the foods you eat. Science of Nutmeg

You need new chemistry inside your body to grow into your new self, and nutmeg is the best spice of the Fall season to allow yourself to grow with the cycles of nature. Enjoy!

If you are looking for specific herbs and spices for your own personal health journey book a session with me!

Here is one of the lists I test from:


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