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Meditating in Nature


Break-free from the chaos, release the underlying issue, and reclaim balance.

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Balance the traid within you for Potent Healing Effects.


 Deep tissue work & gentle adjustments while meditating with the breathe.

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Posture Correction
Arthritic pain
Shoulder pain
Athletic Performance
Traumatic Accidents
Nerve Pain
Sleep Apnea


90% of the population lacks essential nutrients, affecting mood, energy, and pain. 

Chronic Conditions

Menstrual Cycle Disorders
Digestion Issues
High Blood Pressure
Auto-immune Disorders
Hormonal Disruptions
Eating Disorders
Smoking Cessation


95% of your mind is subconsious. Clear this out, and break free.

Relationship Cords

Panic Relief

Heart - Wall Removal

Anxiety & Depression

Intution Enhancement
Complex Trauma
Money Blockages
Addictive tendencies
Generational Karma
Past Life Release
Chakra clearing

Re-balance your body in this unique, unrivaled doctor's visit. Choose individual services or experience our all-in-one package.

easy bodywork with joy

Jole M

"I have tried everything, but for some reason this just worked. IT IS MAGIC! Before, I felt like I was hitting up against a wall every move forward.  After 3 sessions, I was able to put one foot in front of the other, effortlessly. I now live each moment to the fullest because I have untethered myself from the past.  There is a new sense of divinity watching over me. I feel safe and protected.  I highly recommend this service. It is worth every penny!"


Michelle W

Dr. Rebecca is the real deal! She told me there was an imbalance in my right upper tooth. I didn't think much of it, but then, unbelievably, within the next 2 hours, my tooth cracked right off! I needed to rush into the dentist to get a cap. She catches issues before they arise for my entire family now.  I feel better after each session.


Saska K


She helped me substantially after being diagnosed with Lupus which flared up sending me into full-on kidney failure. She cleared energy in certain areas and I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference - I’d never experienced healing work with such direct and immediate results like that before. She gave recommendations to eat blueberries and a few other things. Such a gifted healer - highly recommended - don’t hesitate in contacting her… five stars all around.


Marilyn C

You are a god sent woman! Such a blessing to all. I was suffering with horrendous COVID-19 symptoms and with 1 whiff of Myrrh oil, my lungs opened right up. Thank you beyond measure. I really love how you are pulling things all together into one healing modality! 

Online or in-person

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