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Psychology behind healthy choices for the athlete

Updated: Feb 13

I believe that there is a “best version” in every person. Some people can advance throughout life, and some people can get stuck while never growing. It is not to say that people are not perfect. Everyone is very much perfect the way they are currently, no matter what. It is more about getting in touch with the best version of themselves that is just sitting and waiting to come out. Within these changes a person will become more of themselves through making these best choices for themselves giving a sense of empowerment to the individual.

It is normal to go through periods of unhealthy episodes with junk food, getting sick, feeling sad, getting hurt, etc. Sometimes living in a society where only selective information is shared online can create an illusion that one is inadequate. Beside this, it is when you get stuck in the unhealthy parts is where people can really find themselves eventually spiraling downwards, because they have no motivation to move up and with the lack of knowhow on how to do so . We are always in a state of flux throughout the course of everyone’s life. This is completely normal, everything in life moves.

To even begin making a healthy choice one has to have the knowledge and/or the training to so. You simply cannot expect someone to change direction without knowing the abstractions behind an idea. If your parents likely lead unhealthy lives and have made unhealthy choices in front of you, a child is due to follow the same suit. A person needs to have a sense of autonomy(independence) in order to feel more self-motivated to make these choices. After this they can better find themselves, when they uncover what was covered.

Psychology behind healthy choices for the athlete

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