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Gut-Brain Nutrition advice you will understand.

Updated: Feb 12

Your body absorbs nutrients in the stomach.

Your stomach needs a signal from the brain to know what it is going to absorb.

The tongue understands what compounds you are eating and sends a message to the brain to release the exact chemi

cals you are going to need to absorb that certain food though your stomach lining.

Yes, there are nerves that go from your tongue to your brain and then to your gut.

And without those nerves we wouldn't be able to use food as fuel.

So what happens if you eat something and your body doesn't want it? Your nervous system tells the stomach to not absorb the food and you will store it as fat around the stomach. It is an easy place to throw unwanted foods.

The nervous system gets weak and repels against the foods it doesn't want, and it gets strong with the foods it does want.

I use muscle testing to measure how your nervous system is reacting to specific foods. Just like the brain is connected to the stomach, your brain is connected to muscles, those too will go weak if you eat improper foods. That's a main cause of low back pain is weak abdominals from excess waste around the stomach, putting excess pressure on the low back from the lack of stability in the front.

Your nervous system responds to more than just what kinds of food you put into your mouth, your nervous system also wants you to eat in a specific way that benefits your unique system and that is the thing. Everyone is unique in there habits and patterns that work for them. There are a variety of ways that you can improve your gut health including: chewing frequency and duration, types of stimulation around you while your are eating, maybe you are meant to eat with people or without them, maybe the TV stimulation is distracting you from the taste and not getting the right signal to the stomach that your body needs, maybe there is color of food your body likes in general that you tend to neglect, maybe your food timing is off, maybe you need to fast during the day, or fast at night, maybe you need more meals, or maybe you need more meals, maybe you need an increase in food diversity, or you need to keep more of a simplicity in your foods, possibly your body wants more liquid type foods, or less cooked foods, or more cooked foods, should you focus more on vegan, Mediterranean , paleo diet. Okay its a lot I know! That's why I created a testing system that works. Gut-Brain Nutrition

Only muscle testing can answer these questions and get you the specific answers you need to enjoy and embrace your relationship with your food so that you can increase your vibrancy and life.

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