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Root causes of your pain: PART1

Knowing the root cause of pain is important in the process of healing. Understanding the physical cause is important, but when we mistake it for the root cause we loose something very valuable. Ailments start mentally and emotionally before they become physical. If you think about it, we all start from a phenomena that is indescribable: it is beyond the physical world. This is just like your pain.

Imagine biting into a lemon. No really focus on the lemons to your left. Imagine tasting them. What happened? See your mind doesn't know the difference! Everything you think, is REAL! You have the power of the mind even though you cannot see it.

If you are not aware when you are stressed out at work your adrenal glands will run rampid and your heart will be working overtime to cope with the stress. Then when you get heart disease you will be baffled as to why this happened.

All different types of trauma is the root cause of pain. This unresolved trauma brings about the weakness in your body; and then everything else sticks to it bringing about your symptoms. (Laws of attraction!) So I suggest that you spend some time to move through your trauma weave it into who you are. Happy healing!

"LOVE is the great MIRACLE CURE loving yourselves works miracles in our lives"

-Louise Hay

May you rest in peace.

& thank you for all your inspirations.

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