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Why I feel like writing...

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The world becomes what you teach

The world becomes what you express to it


Artwork of united messaged from the source

I heard this quote from a good friend of mine a while back, she was actually my boss and a friend. A great and unique combination. It is always the humility of people that gave me a glimpse of true humanity. After all we all come from the same earth.

When you are teaching or simply expressing yourself you are embodying the ideas throughout your body. A great teacher cannot simply tell you straight mind facts. They have to back it up with their body, They use their hands and radiate there energy with words. I would say this is the definition of an authentic and integrated person, a person who embodies there mind, body, and spirit in communication. We are taught to believe that we must memorize and spit out thoughts to be successful but in all reality what good does that do for someone rather than just become a robot. Society would love for us to stay in our minds, then we don’t have to listen to the perfect intuition we were born with.


Ultimate bliss and success I believe comes from the perfect harmony of being able to memorize, analyze (look at it with our views), and then express your truth of the nature at hand. AKA Inspired, not to copy, but to take in and make their own so they can live out there own truth. The world is a canvas and we each have our own story to imprint on the world. I hope to inspire you, as the world does to me. May we all ascend together.


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