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Healing Theory

Updated: Feb 13

Healing, creation, and growth: We all have the power to heal innately, it was given to us at birth.

The true premise of healing is the idea that we make something from the nothing. The driver behind all physicality is unknown, and anyone who tells you they know the direct answer to healing would surely be delusional.

Healing cannot be told what to do, all we can do is give a proper environment for healing to spring up on its own.

In this photo, I show how we bridge the gap between the mystical and the mundane while healing.

We start with something intangible and grow into hard reality through chemistry.

This idea is important to recognize. You need the proper spiritual/Emotional environment, then the chemistry (nutrition, water, minerals..ext), in order to heal the physical body, and vise versa.

Any questions ask below!

How have you found healing in your life?

Healing Theory

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