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How healing flows within us:

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The spirit of nature can heal deep wounds. Faith betrayed, love dishonored, trust abandoned, and other injuries all can inflict serious wounds on the soul, which are reflected in the bodies illness and injuries. We can be restored and renewed only if we can forgive and let go, returning to love and compassion. Healing is gentle(not forced) and requires active participation on our part. (Balancing yin & yang)

Location: Toketee Falls, Oregon

True healing must take place on all levels at once - physically, mentally, emotionally/spirit. These levels are inextricably linked, we cannot change one without changing the other, even if just a little. The connections between these aspects of ourselves are often abstract and obscure and yet the main principle of healing, is simplicity itself. Letting go of the things that hurt us and nurturing ourselves with things that benefits us. Quite simple right? The mind thinks will always find the complex. The heart says "Yes, it is simple". Ask your heart today: What feelings or beliefs am I holding onto that my wounds stay open and unhealed? What can I do to nurture myself in this moment?

When we are earthed, centered, and connected, we allow the healing energy to flow through us. There are a few things we can do to facilitate the flow of healing, stay in a meditative calm state, keep our posture erect, balanced and open so that we don't block anything moving through us. Also, truth kindly and lovingly expressed is healing. Stay receptive and healing will occur naturally. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean that miracles are not happening all the time.

Happy Pisces season!

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